More effective. More economical. More real.

The United States government and our defense organizations no longer have to choose the best from what’s already available – they can use Improbable’s platform and partner ecosystem to commission the precise synthetic capabilities they need. And they can do it more quickly and economically than ever. 

The platform is supported by a comprehensive range of engineering expertise and professional services. Engineered from the ground up with open standards, it lets users integrate third-party data streams, models, simulation engines, digital assets and infrastructure technologies. This means they can extract the maximum value from their current capabilities while at the same time ensuring that their synthetic solutions are always up to date, reliable and effective.

A better way to build

The technology at the heart of our platform was originally developed for online multiplayer games to enable greater realism and scale, increased complexity and thousands of concurrent users.

Enhanced and extended for real-world use, the same technology also promotes faster, more economical, more flexible synthetic environment development. Users can update content continuously, deploy environments securely wherever they’re needed, and access them on any device.

Rapid, low-risk development

Integrate any engine. Deploy to any cloud or on-premises machine. Thanks to open standards, the platform allows for the fast, efficient re-use of assets including data sets, models, simulations, and digital capabilities such as AI and analytics – accelerating delivery and optimizing effectiveness while minimizing costs.
Platform: development

Continuous updates

The same features that allow for incremental delivery and in-development user feedback also allow for ongoing improvement of an evergreen capability. This means users can incorporate the latest data and access the most relevant applications – regardless of provenance – as soon as they become available.
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No vendor lock-in

Open standards mean that users can extract maximum value of existing GOTS, COTS and custom applications while integrating the very latest assets and solutions as they become available, ensuring a modern, future-ready synthetic environment capability.

The platform-enabled ecosystem

Core platform

Improbable’s cloud-native, engine-agnostic platform for developing and operating multi-domain synthetic environments

Digram - SEP

Content ecosystem

The most relevant, reliable and effective models, data, simulations and analytical tools from across industry, government and academia

Content ecosystem

Integrations to business systems

A managed service for delivering the end-user capability including facilities, hardware, software and personnel


Secure cloud-to-edge deployment

Thanks to on-premises and secure cloud deployment, environments can be accessed wherever and whenever they’re needed, on almost any device.

Secure cloud

End user applications

Users interact with their environment through a range of interoperating tools for multi-domain operational planning, collective training and decision support

End user applications

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