I/ITSEC 2021: Securing strategic advantage through synthetic environments

As the United States and our allies prepare for a new era of long-term strategic competition, our adversaries are looking to challenge us on every front. Such diverse, complex and interrelated threats demand a well-informed and tightly integrated response.

The latest generation of virtual worlds is enabling this response. Multi-domain, multi-role synthetic environments are transforming defense capabilities ranging from wargaming, operational planning and decision support to collective training and mission rehearsal.

We’re looking forward to connecting with you at I/ITSEC 2021 (booth 1248) and have a wide range of activities planned. This includes demonstrating the latest generation of synthetic environments, and participating in several thought-leadership engagements that Improbable is leading throughout the event.

If you’re interested in scheduling a demonstration or learning more about Improbable US Defense & National Security solutions, reach out to us to schedule time with our experts.

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Booth 1248: Experience our technology in action


Enhancing operational and strategic decision support

Our operational analysis & decision support demonstration simulates a missile and disinformation strike on an urban environment and tracks its impact on the mobilization times and attrition rates of reserve forces and civilians in a simulated city that can be run in real time or faster than real time.

The demonstration shows the flexibility and extensibility of Improbable's platform, the ease at which additional model integrations can occur, and our platform's ability to capture key strategic or operational level analytics over the course of a simulation.



Transforming collective training

Our collective training capability shows how a single platform can support a wide range of organizations from across industry and academia, and help our armed forces train faster and more efficiently.

The technology demonstrator comprises immersive and scalable collective training solutions, with more than 5,000 simulated users interacting within a realistic environment in real time.



Harnessing the power of commercial game - development technology

Improbable's games business recently developed an experimental gameplay mode that allows thousands of distributed players to enter a virtual world simultaneously, pushing the limits on player density and scale.

Improbable's defense business was able to take the innovations from our commercial games business and, within six weeks, augment it to serve defense needs, proving the ability to quickly leverage this technology for anything from military training to readiness and battlefield effectiveness.


Join the Conversation

Monday, 29 November

1030-1200 ET – Room 330ABCD

Congressional Modeling and Simulation Caucus

Improbable’s Jennifer McArdle acts as session chair for a discussion with Congressional leadership from the Modeling and Simulation Congressional Caucus.

Tuesday, 30 November

1400 ET – Room 320C

Growing People: Generating Realistic Populations and Explainable, Goal-Directed Behavior

Improbable’s Ashley Fehr and Joseph Stoffa join the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency’s Joshua White and Jared Newton to discuss how the DOD and IC can use synthetic population generation to interrogate the past, understand the present, and explore the future.

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1600 ET – Room 320GH

Navy Vision from the Training Systems’ Program Managers

Improbable’s Sean Osmond acts as session chair for a conversation with a panel of U.S. Navy and senior civilian leaders discussing the year’s training and acquisition highlights and share their strategic vision.

Wednesday, 1 December

1400– 1530 ET – Room 310AB

A New American Way of Training

Improbable’s Jennifer McArdle joins a panel of retired and current DOD senior officials to discuss how the United States should reconceptualize training by innovating and accelerating into the future towards ‘A New American Way of Training’.

Thursday, 2 December

0830 ET – Room 320D

Scaffolding the Future: Contested and Complex Battlespace

Improbable’s Jennifer McArdle is the deputy on a discussion around simulation evaluation, identifying appropriate skills for human-agent teaming, and new theoretical approaches to estimate learning abilities.

1030 ET – Room 320D

Designing the Future of Training

Improbable’s Sean Osmond acts as a session deputy for a group of discussions around accelerating Marine Corps training through innovation, modular and multimodal: delivering distributed and scalable technical training, and bringing the debrief into three dimensions with augmented reality.

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If you’re interested in scheduling a demonstration or learning more about Improbable US Defense & National Security solutions, reach out to us to schedule time with our experts.

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