Dedicated to US defense and national security

Improbable LLC is dedicated to serving the needs of the United States defense and national security community.

We’re a US subsidiary of the London-based global technology company, Improbable. Like our counterparts in the UK, we’re specialists in computational modeling, distributed computing and AI. We use this expertise to create synthetic environments that help our partners integrate operational planning, collective training and decision support across organizations at every level.

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About Improbable

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in London, Improbable employs more than 800 staff.

Our games business provides better ways to make multiplayer games and helps multiplayer developers to meet any challenge. We supply managed hosting and orchestration, networking, online services and development tools, as well as advice, support and full co-development. Our three studios also make innovative multiplayer titles using our own technology.

Improbable’s defence business, based in London and Washington DC, builds on the foundation of Improbable’s games technology. We combine this with specific expertise in computational modelling, AI, data analytics and other areas relevant to defence and national security applications.

We work across the NATO alliance and with a range of industry partners to transform planning, training and decision support in the government, defence and security community.

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