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An integrated response to interrelated threats

Our contemporary society is endlessly complex. Ensuring its resilience, security and prosperity is a correspondingly complex task.

From COVID and climate change to sub-threshold conflict and hybrid war, threats to our collective security are fluid, fast moving and intricately interconnected. The US government and our defense organizations need to be able to respond to them in a way that’s fully integrated and every bit as dynamic as the threats themselves.

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Understand. Explore. Act.

Just as synthetic environments can help planners and policy makers address the challenges they face, they also help personnel at every level prepare to put those plans and policies into effect.

From policy design to military planning and collective training, the latest multi-domain environments allow users to analyze the problems they face, explore their options, and understand the cascading, cross-domain consequences of each proposed action.

Ever-evolving and accessible wherever they’re needed, these virtual worlds are already helping to ensure the safety, success and ongoing resilience of US and UK government organizations.

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Improbable’s synthetic environment platform

Improbable’s platform enables government and military users to respond to a diverse range of complex threats in a flexible, tightly integrated way.

Built from the ground up with open standards and supported by an ecosystem of partners from across industry and academia, it’s a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective way to build and operate synthetic solutions.

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