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U.S. Defense and National Security

Maintaining US strategic advantage

Improbable LLC is dedicated to serving the needs of the United States defense and national security community.

We’re a US subsidiary of the London-based technology company, Improbable. Like our counterparts in the UK, we’re specialists in computational modeling, distributed computing and AI. We use this expertise to create synthetic environments that help our partners integrate operational planning, collective training and decision support across organizations at every level.

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The next generation of synthetic environments

Our mission is to support those responsible for preserving our national security and prosperity. Working in close collaboration with industry partners, we help them overcome the fluid, fast-moving and increasingly complex challenges they face.

Building on our proprietary development platform, SpatialOS, we develop, deploy and operate some of the most sophisticated synthetic environments ever created, reducing the cost of preparedness as well as optimizing planning, decision making and operational outcomes.

Unlock realism & de-risk development

Increased scale & realism

By bringing together best-in-class models, data sets and applications drawn from an entire ecosystem of third-party content, highly realistic synthetic environments help users turn complexity to their advantage.

All-domain representation

Improbable’s synthetic environments help users assess the intricate, often ambiguous challenges they face, explore their options, and understand the cascading, cross-domain consequences of their actions.

Uninterrupted integration

Thanks to an efficient, cost-effective DevOps model that makes continuous development, deployment and operation possible, environments can be updated quickly, smoothly and as regularly as necessary.

More training, more often

With the ability to accommodate thousands of concurrent users, synthetic environments running on SpatialOS are as effective for supporting joint-forces mission rehearsal as they are for training individuals and small groups.

Enhanced interoperability

Improbable’s development platform has been specifically engineered to allow interoperability between existing systems and new ones, regardless of the source, supplier or simulation engine. This means users can always access the most relevant, up-to-date content and capabilities.

Point-of-Need access

A flexible yet secure deployment model means that synthetic environments can be deployed to the cloud or to on-premises servers, ensuring they’re available wherever and whenever they’re needed.

All-domain synthetic environments

Improved organizational performance

Enhanced AI, live data ingestion and more concurrent users all lead to enhanced co-operation and interoperation. This enables users to work and train together in a fully integrated, highly effective way.

Top-to-bottom, multi-domain planning

All five military domains are integrated with political, economic, social and information dimensions to bring together planning, training and decision support at strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Turning complexity to advantage

Richly detailed visualizations help users extract maximum value from their data, helping them understand their operating environment, agree on their assumptions and explore the full range of their options.

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Supporting the US defense & national security community

Improbable LLC’s outside managers bring a vast amount of experience to our organization. Deborah Lee James (23rd US Secretary of the Air Force), former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Dr Jim Miller, and former Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Dr Michael Vickers help ensure that we’re well positioned to support all US DOD requirements and oversee compliance with Improbable’s Special Security Agreement.


What is a Synthetic Environment?

From COVID-19 to the gray zone of hybrid warfare, today’s threats to global security are complex, fluid and fast moving. Synthetic environments help planners, policy-designers and decision-takers explore such issues in a virtual world before taking action in the real one. But what exactly are they?


Faster modelling for better science

The UK’s Royal Society is bringing together expertise from across disciplines to support the UK government’s scientific advisors. Working alongside experts from Leeds, Exeter, Cambridge and University College London, Improbable’s research scientists were able to accelerate the Urban Analytics group’s model by a factor of 10,000.


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We’re always looking to hear from members of the US defense and national security community as well as prospective technology partners. If you have questions or you’d like to discuss how we might work together, please get in touch.

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